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by: Dakota Caudilla

The purpose of using a tripod for digital photos is to reduce the chances of blurring the pictures. Even if for most parts, the image is clear, because of the slightest camera movement, the entire picture could be ruined. That’s why you will always see a tripod or monopod in a professional photographer’s camera bag! A camera tripod is extremely useful when taking pictures in dim light. When there isn’t enough light, the shutters are slower, therefore, increasing the chances of the digital image blurring out. A tripod can easily solve this problem. A tripod is also useful when you are planning to make large digital prints of the photos – a good support from a digital camera tripod will make a world of difference. 

Well, even if you don’t have a tripod handy, you can always use someone else’s shoulder for support – just so your digital camera won’t shake as much when you take the shot. Well, in any case, it’s always better to use a tripod if there was a choice. 

We see new models and types of digital cameras every single week, and the same thing can be said about tripods. The materials used to make digital camera tripods continue to change – the familiar aluminum tripod is now replaced with the lighter and more expensive carbon fiber tripod models. Although there’s quite a huge shift in pricing, some photographers think that investing in a lighter and more durable model of tripod is worth it – especially if they’re in the game for the money!

Before you buy a tripod for your digital camera, the first thing you must consider is how you plan to use the camera. There are essentially three heights that you can choose from…maximum, minimum and collapsed. It depends on the kind of tripod you like. The maximum tripod can be a little bit unstable as with everything tall and lanky. The minimum tripod can be a slightly inflexible, but is especially useful when taking low shots and trying adjust the lens to eye level. The collapsible is the most preferred type of tripod.

In professional photography, a tripod can help you take low shots on objects from the top. This can be done when you place the object on the floor and arrange the tripod on top of or slightly over the object, and then take a shot. Most of the high quality tripods come with a center column that enables you to adjust the height of the tripod according to your needs. Take your time and adjust the tripod height accordingly. To find the right angle, make adjustments to the tripod head. 

With a tripod, you can easily take professional photographs even if you’ve never taken a professional photograph all your life! That’s how big a difference a tripod can make.


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