4K Full HD 1080P Mini ip Cam XD WiFi Night Vision Camera IR-CUT Motion Detection Security Camcorder HD Video Recorder


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External power supply required
ithout battery
Ⅰ. Product Description
Our this mini wifi camera no built-in battery,you need connect the camera to power ( 3.7V-5V/1A-2A power bank,Charger etc), it will turn on automatically when you charging, so this mini camera there is not designed the ON/OFF button. But it has two buttons, one button is reset key, and the other one just only a decorative key without any effect.
If you can't connect the camera(just only support connect 2.4G wifi) , Please reset the camera successfully then connect again.
How to Reset:
Press the reset key about 15-20 seconds until the red and blue lights go out then light up, which means the camera reset successfully. If you reset unsuccessfully, please reset again.
Insert Micro SD card to save recordings(Max 128G, not included)
Ⅱ. APP Settings
1. Download the app “iWFCam”
Scan the QR code below to download the APP compatible with your phone system.
2.Camera-Phone Connection(AP Mode):
—Connect the camera to a 3.7V-5V/ 1A-2A charger or other power supply turn it on;Blue light flashes slowly,now is AP Mode.
—Connect the camera hotspot(named with BK*** without password) in your phone WLAN, then enter the App “iWFCam”, to connect your local wifi(Please refer to the third point for specific operation steps)
—If you are using Android phones, it’ll pop-up a message to Confirm Connection, please keep connecting with the camera;
(Note: Camera-phone connection should be finished within 5 metes for strong signal.)
3. Camera-APP Remote Connection(IP Mode)
—Start APP iWFCam, the camera will auto be added Online;
—Click Setting icon beside the camera in the APP, set Wifi Config; choose the router and enter the router network password(the camera support 2.4G wifi only)
—Wait for the camera’s update process for remote control; Once it shows Online, it means you have successfully done it; now the camera blue light is always on.
(Note: Camera-router connection should be finished within 5 meters for strong signal.)
4. Camera Live-feed Page
—Click the camera in the APP, it will pop-up message to change the
password; skip or change it for security;
—Then you can see the live feed camera; in this page, you can adjust the
Brightness, Night Vision, Turn off lights, Video Resolution, Audio, Microphone, Video,
Photo, etc.
5.Turn off Lights on the APP
—You can turn off all lights on the APP, from the video interface, press the third icon, you can toggle the lights on or off(The red light will go out after15 seconds), this is our unique design of this camera
Camera should keep certain space with other objects, keep the equipment in ventilation and ventilation, prohibit the use of any objects to cover the shell and its surrounding heat sinks when the equipment is opened or charged, avoid overheating caused by blocking heat sinks, damage to the equipment can not be used or other serious consequences, and take no responsibility for it. Nor does it bear any legal liability.
Use occasion: Please strictly abide by the relevant national laws and regulations, not to use this product for any illegal purposes, otherwise the consequences are at your own risk.
About batteries: This camera is no built-in battery, so you need charge it to use.
Working temperature: 0 – 45 degree C, in order to prolong service life, it is best to use at room temperature, prohibit the use of any articles to cover the shell and its heat sink.
Working humidity: 20%-80%. Do not put the product in a humid working environment. The product does not have waterproof function.
Other matters: This product belongs to precision electronic products. Do not make it subject to strong shock and vibration; Do not use it beside strong magnetic field, strong electric field, inflammable and explosive articles.
This camera will be hot because the chip is working, this is a normal phenomenon.Don't worry about it!

1. Smaller mini cameras can be remotely monitored anytime and anywhere.

2. hdwifi, high-definition 1080p, the picture is clearer and the colors are more vivid.

3. Two 5*8mm night vision lights, 940nm tube, no light illumination, no flash for recording, night vision distance up to 5 meters.

4. Support remote trigger alarm and remote playback.

5. Very easy to use, one-key video recording, one-key motion detection.

6. Arming, you can set the equipment alarm. You can select specific times and alarm areas to ensure that each area is protected.

7. There is a built-in iron block on the back of the camera, which can be directly combined with the mobile phone holder for more convenient installation.

8. Ultra mini camera: Only 1.1×0.4×1.1in (2.9×1.1×2.9cm), very suitable as a home security camera, butler/nanny camera, used to record video without attracting any attention.

9. 4k Full HD: 4k 940nm infrared invisible light, support night vision

10. Long-term recording: maximum support 128g memory card; automatic night vision & motion detection & loop recording, connected to power supply for surveillance recording

11. Simple operation: one-key motion detection monitoring, one-key continuous recording.

12. Humanized settings: loop recording and time stamp can be set by yourself.

13. Image processing is stable, fast and lifelike.

14. Easily control the camera and manage photos and videos on the phone.


Video format: AVI

Wifi function: support Wifi function

Format: HD 1080P

Function: motion detection, IR-CUT, loop recording

Colour: Black

Applicable to: home security monitoring security

Type: Mini Camera


Motion detection: yes

Loop recording: Yes

Port: USB

material: plastic

Number of frames: 30fps

Video format: AVI

Memory card type: Micro SD card (TF card) (not included)

Video format: 1920X1080P

Memory support: maximum 128G (not included)

Memory usage: about 6G/hour

Motion detection: 1080P

(Excluding SD card/TF card)

The package includes:

1 * HD camera

1 * USB data cable

1 * User Manual

1 * Card reader

Please note: the standalone camera does not have a memory card. You can buy other packages with memory cards. Please purchase and order according to your own needs.

It is recommended that you purchase a camera and a memory card at the same time.

As for the camera, there is no built-in battery, but you can use an external power source to power it.

Such as mobile power supply or mobile phone charger, do not use computer power supply, computer power supply does not support work.


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