6K 12MP WiFi Outdoor Camera 8X Zoom Three Len Ai Motion Tracking PTZ 4K Video Camera Security Protection Waterproof Surveillance


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6K 12MP WiFi Outdoor Camera 8X Zoom Three Lens AI Motion Tracking PTZ 4K Video Camera Security Protection Waterproof SurveillanceFeature:

* Three screens design, allowing you to see more details;

* 6K camera has an ultra wide angle+ digital zoom, achieving clear monitoring of far and near distances

6K Resolution: Pixels of each lens are 4MP, 4MP Lens + 4MP Lens + 4MP Lens =12MP 6K

* Equipped with a high gain enhanced 3dBi antenna, your camera can receive a wider range of signals;

* Built in infrared LED and white LED, presenting clear and colorful day/night images for you;

* 3 image modes: smart mode/infrared mode/color mode,

Infrared mode is infrared on mode. The image is black and white, the white LED is off

Color mode: white LED lights up, day and night are color vision;

* 24/7 motion detection; Real time push to protect your family safety;

* Built in high-quality speakers and microphones for unobstructed two-way conversations;

* Echo suppression and cancellation and noise suppression technology, perfect full duplex voice effect;

* Supports 2.4GHz WiFi connection (does not support 5G WiFi);

* Real time image transmission, adaptive network

* APP: Hopeway

* Equipped with RJ45 interface, the camera can be connected to WiFi and network cable

Why Choose Us?—–6K 12MP IP Camera

* Ordinary camera: 4K 8MP Pixel, 2 lens, 2 screen.

* Our Camera:6K 12MP HD Pixel, 3 screen.
It can simultaneously monitor multiple images from different angles, with no dead corners at 360 degrees, and you can see the details of each corner.

NOTE: 6K 12MP & 4K 8MP

* 6K 12MP security camera supports Three screen real-time monitoring. 360 ° without dead corners, allowing you to see more details.

* 12MP 6K PTZ camera achieves real-time monitoring of three images. The first screen is a pan tilt camera, and the second and third lens screens are fixed position cameras. You can click on the position you want to zoom in on in the fixed camera video, and the 6mm lens pan tilt camera will move to the specified position.NOTE: 16MP & 8MP

6K=12MP =4MP+4MP+4MP=3 screens, support 8X Zoom;

4K=8MP =4MP+4MP=2 screens

6K 12MP High Resolution

* 6K 12MP features higher definition superior than 4k 8MP, 5MP ,1080P , The camera provides high quality 12.0 megapixel images. Bring you a smooth and stunning super HD experience.
* 6K 12MP= 4MP+4MP+4MP.Each len is 4MP.One camera replaces three cameras

* Ave more than half of all costs, save time and costs.

Motion Detection

* This security camera has intelligent AI detection function, supports AI humanoid automatic tracking and AI humanoid detection alarm, can accurately detect movements and send you notifications via APP.Auto Tracking

* Can be set.

* With advanced AI auto tracking technology, After locking the target, the video camera will adjust the pan/tilt rotation automatically, Tracking moving objects,cars,pets,human. This security camera never let you miss any important moment.

PTZ Remote Control

* This IP camera can be rotated 355° horizontally and 90° vertically.
* You can directly use the APP to remotely control the camera up, down, left and right, reducing blind spots and covering every corner of the home.

Color Night Vision

* Built in CMOS Image sensor, providing color high-resolution 6K images feedback and playback video.
* The infrared lights can still record colorful Full HD Live Video even in the dark.
* It enables sharp night vision up to 50M even in night.

Two Way Audio

* Built-in microphone and speaker .You could talk to anyone nears the camera . When no one is home, you can instruct the courier to put your package in the designated location.

IP66 Waterproof

* This surveillance camera case is made of high-quality engineering plastic material, which is waterproof, sunscreen, and dustproof. It can meet most usage scenarios without worrying about rain and snow causing damage to the camera.

Two connection methods

1. Connect using 2.4G WiFi
2. Connect using RJ45 network cable interface

APP Remote Control

No matter where you are, you can watch surveillance videos from your mobile phone at any time.

SD Card & Cloud Storage

* Built in SD card slot supports up to 128G Micro SD card.(SD card not included).
* The external security camera also supports encrypted secured cloud storage, protects recordings in could against any footage loss result form damage such as theft of the camera.(Currently, some European countries do not support cloud storage services!)Multi-users Sharing Viewing

* Allows multiple users to view the camera in real time.

Camera Size and Package List

Package list:

1 Color box

2 User Manual

3 Screw package

4 Power supply

5 IP Camera

Suitable for many locations

* It can be installed in almost any environment, guarding a yard, guarding a warehouse, guarding a parking lot. It can be used for anti-theft, anti-burglary, fire prevention, baby/elderly/pet/plant guarding, wildlife protection, mail package anti-theft

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