by: Nashville According to the blog entitled “Animation” which was posted by Neil last December 2, 2004 at www.eightlines.com, someone spent way too long on a Christmas Flash animation. You can actually view the animation at http://www.tongcom.co.kr/dingani_13.htm. It was definitely enjoyable and entertaining! The animator used the song “Last Christmas” by Beatles as the background […]

While often more intellectually stimulating than emotionally engaging, “Santosh” lays bare the dark heart of communal divisions in modern India. Sandhya Suri’s narrative debut follows a driven young Hindu widow who inherits her husband’s job as police constable thanks to a government scheme. While the movie speaks the language of a fiercely feminist empowerment saga, […]

Oscar-, BAFTA-, Golden Globe- and Grammy-winning composer A.R. Rahman, veteran producer Bobby Bedi and the Technicolor Group have unveiled a film project based on Middle Eastern wit Mulla Nasruddin at the Cannes Film Festival. Also known as Nasreddin Hodja, Nasruddin was a 13th century folklore character from what is now Turkey, known for his pithy wit […]

Rolling off its buzzy world premiere at Cannes’ Un Certain Regard, Oscar-nominated Icelandic filmmaker Rúnar Rúnarsson’s poignant drama “When The Light Breaks” has sold to a raft of territories. Represented in international markets by The Party Film Sales, the movie has been picked up for Italy (Movies Inspired), Switzerland (Xenix), Norway (Arthaus), Denmark (Ost for […]

Zoe Saldaña says the future of female representation in the film industry is dependent on women continuing to shatter the glass ceiling. And those who do cannot get complacent. “We need more female CEOs. We need more women sitting on boards. Because those are the gatekeepers,” she said. “We need the keys that unlock those […]

Fresh out of its world premiere in competition at the Cannes Film Festival, Yorgos Lanthimos’s “Kinds of Kindness” is one of the titles headed to this year’s Mediterrane Film Festival, taking place in Malta between June 22-30.  Other highlights in the festival’s first wave of programming include Jane Schoenbrun’s Sundance breakout “I Saw the TV Glow” and Meryam […]

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